Artificial Tree, Maple Finger type Round T4m - AT24

Artificial tree 4m high, utilizes original wooden trunk, maple leaves finger type are made from fine fabric, bring the comfort of shade trees at the foyer.

Code: AT24
Size: H 4m
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Artificial Palm Tree, Wood Trunk T3m - AT25

Artificial palm tree (pohon palem plastik) in 2,7m high utilize dried wood trunk from real palm tree so it looks similar to real palm tree or coconut tree.

Code: AT25
Size: H 270cm
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Artificial Tree, Banyan Topiary T160cm - AT23

Artificial tree in topiary style 160cm high utilize original wooden trunk & banyan leaves are made from fine fabric, generate green garden nuance in foyer.

Code: AT23
Size: H 160cm
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Artificial Tree, Cherry Round T5m - AT20

Artificial tree in 5m high utilizes original single wooden trunk, cherry fruits & leaves are made from fine fabric, generate green garden nuance in a hall.

Code: AT20
Size: H 5m
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Planter Partition & Grass Ball - AP08

Fresh green Grass Ball combined with rattan synthetic planters that arranged in a row emerge as elegant partition to separating customer area with walkway.

Code: AP08
Size: L 60cm W 60cm H 100cm
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Artificial Grass Planter - AP07

Artificial grass in fresh green that spread out brings green tone in all-white room. By simply varying the planter, you will find various new atmospheres.

Code: AP07
Size: L 400cm W 7cm H 10cm
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White Planter and Branches - AP06

White planter & fresh green artificial plants, make room more vibrant. The branches were soaring high without seeming massive thus giving aesthetic shape.

Code: AP06
Size: L 50cm W 30cm H 200cm
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Grass Ball 40cm - AP05

Grass Ball in refreshing green color, will make room atmosphere more fresh & elegant. By simply varying the planter, you will find various new atmospheres.

Code: AP05
Size: L 40cm W 40cm H 40cm
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Bamboo Partition Secretary Room - BA14

Bamboo partition in glass planter that looks elegant, separate secretary & staff room, bamboos with leaves in random height & stacked zigzag & criss-cross.

Code: BA14
Size: L 600cm H 240cm
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Bamboo Partition Resto Paregu F2C - BA09

Bamboo partition that present Japanese atmosphere, consists of bamboos that stacked random & closely. Typical bamboo color bring warm feeling in the room.

Code: BA09
Size: L 670cm H 260cm
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Woven Bamboo Ceiling Chicken Story - BA15

Woven bamboo ceiling add exotic & warm accent, expose uniqueness of typical bamboo texture & color. Bamboo blades tight & tidy woven with same spacing.

Code: BA15
Size: L 10m W 4m
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Bamboo Partition Meeting Room - BA13

Bamboo partition in glass planters, decorate glass windows & as sun shade of meeting room, consist of bamboos & leaves which stacked zigzag & criss-cross.

Code: BA13
Size: L 850cm H 180cm
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Artificial Tree & Artificial Plant Advantages

There are advantages of artificial tree/fake trees & artificial plant as interior decoration, such as :

  1. Could bring the beautiful & comfort of shade trees/plant
  2. Every time present the freshness of green leaves & the beautiful of fruits
  3. Suitable for indoor use, does not need sunlight
  4. Durable and long lasting beauty
  5. Easy for cleaned up & maintenance
  6. More hygienic, free from manure & fertilizer