Artificial palm tree for Ramadhan decoration alike date palm tree

Artificial palm tree for Ramadhan decoration using coconut petioles, alike to date palms tree plus ketupat ornaments. This palm tree is easy to dismantle and stand on a mound of artificial turf that is easy to move.

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Row of artificial palm trees that ideal for Ramadhan decoration

2.2m high artificial palm trees are arranged in a row as room dividers in the children's play area. Ideal for Ramadhan decoration. These trunks use real palm trunk that have been dried, it looks like a coconut tree.

Code: AT35
Size: H 2.2m
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Large artificial palm tree 350cm tall trunk diameter 40cm is ideal for Ramadhan decoration similar to date palm tree

Large artificial palm tree is 3.5m tall & has a trunk diameter of 40cm, ideal for Ramadhan decoration. The trunk uses coconut petioles & fibers, its appearance similar to a date palm tree or oil palm tree.

Code: AT37
Size: T 3.5m
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Artificial palm tree 320cm tall, ideal for Ramadan decoration, with coconut petioles for the trunk, similar to a date palm

A Fake palm tree 320cm tall, ideal for Ramadan decoration, with coconut petioles for the trunk, similar to a date palm. This palm tree can be dismantled and seems to grow on a mound of synthetic grass that is easy to move.

Code: AT33
Size: H 320cm
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Artificial Large Trees in 4 m tall use Japanese Maple leaves

Large artificial trees with shady branches, look like it's growing out of the floor penetrates the table, nicely blends with the cafe interior design. These fake trees present a beautiful garden vibe.

Code: AT32
Size: H 4m
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Plastic tree 4m tall with Maple Finger leaves

Artificial tree 4m high, utilizes original wooden trunk, maple leaves finger type are made from fine fabric, bring the comfort of shade trees at the foyer.

Code: AT24
Size: H 4m
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Artificial topiary tree 160cm height with banyan leaves

Artificial tree in topiary style 160cm high utilize original wooden trunk & banyan leaves are made from fine fabric, generate green garden nuance in foyer.

Code: AT23
Size: H 160cm
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5m tall plastic tree with leaves and cherry fruit

Artificial tree in 5m high utilizes original single wooden trunk, cherry fruits & leaves are made from fine fabric, generate green garden nuance in a hall.

Code: AT20
Size: H 5m
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Room dividers with artificial flowers

Room dividers with artificial flowers (fake flowers), arranged in beautiful colors on a row of wooden planter boxes, act as cafe barriers, separating the dining area from the walkway.

Code: AP12
Size: L 100cm
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Bonsai artificial plant hedges

Bonsai artificial plant hedges in fresh green colour with sturdy wooden roots, as a unique and beautiful fence separating the cafe area from the walkway.

Code: AP11
Size: L 720cm W 40cm H 60cm
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White Planter and Branches - AP06

White planter & fresh green artificial plants, make room more vibrant. The branches were soaring high without seeming massive thus giving aesthetic shape.

Code: AP06
Size: L 50cm W 30cm H 200cm
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Planter Partition & Grass Ball - AP08

Fresh green Grass Ball combined with rattan synthetic planters that arranged in a row emerge as elegant partition to separating customer area with walkway.

Code: AP08
Size: L 60cm W 60cm H 100cm
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Bamboo Partition Secretary Room - BA14

Bamboo partition in glass planter that looks elegant, separate secretary & staff room, bamboos with leaves in random height & stacked zigzag & criss-cross.

Code: BA14
Size: L 600cm H 240cm
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Bamboo Partition Resto Paregu F2C - BA09

Bamboo partition that present Japanese atmosphere, consists of bamboos that stacked random & closely. Typical bamboo color bring warm feeling in the room.

Code: BA09
Size: L 670cm H 260cm
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Woven Bamboo Ceiling Chicken Story - BA15

Woven bamboo ceiling add exotic & warm accent, expose uniqueness of typical bamboo texture & color. Bamboo blades tight & tidy woven with same spacing.

Code: BA15
Size: L 10m W 4m
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Bamboo Partition Meeting Room - BA13

Bamboo partition in glass planters, decorate glass windows & as sun shade of meeting room, consist of bamboos & leaves which stacked zigzag & criss-cross.

Code: BA13
Size: L 850cm H 180cm
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Artificial Tree & Artificial Plant Advantages

There are advantages of artificial tree/fake trees & artificial plant as interior decoration, such as :

  1. Could bring the beautiful & comfort of shade trees/plant
  2. Every time present the freshness of green leaves & the beautiful of fruits
  3. Suitable for indoor use, does not need sunlight
  4. Durable and long lasting beauty
  5. Easy for cleaned up & maintenance
  6. More hygienic, free from manure & fertilizer